Shopware (prebuilt connector)


Shopware is an integrated tool for marketing and creating online shops.

API documentation

API documentation for Shopware (used to build this connector) can be found via the link below:


When adding connector instances for Shopware, the following authentication methods are supported:

OAuth 2 (client credentials)

When a user chooses to add a connector instance using OAuth 2 (client credentials) authentication, the credentials below are prompted:



Your Shopware admin username.


Your Shopware admin password.


The required scope to define what access permissions should be given to Patchworks. Typically set to write.

Client ID

Always set to administration.

Client Secret

This is the secret access key that's generated when you add an integration to Shopware (so in this case, when you add a Patchworks integration).

Store URL

The URL used to access your Shopware store without the https// element. For example: would be entered as

Grant type

Set to password.

Response authentication token key

Set to access_token.

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