Enabling & disabling a process flow


When you build a new process flow, it is disabled by default. When you're satisfied that a flow is ready for use, you must:

This page explains how to enable a process flow.

If a process flow version is deployed but disabled, it won't be triggered to run automatically (as per trigger shape settings). Conversely, if a process flow is enabled but not deployed, it will not run automatically (as per trigger shape settings).

For more information about process flow versions, please see our Process flow versioning page.

The steps

To enable/disable a process flow, follow the steps below.

Step 1 Access the process flow that you want to enable/disable.

Step 2 Click the 'cog' icon in the canvas toolbar to access general settings for this process flow:

Step 3 In the settings panel, toggle the enabled option on/off as required:

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