The anatomy of a prebuilt process flow


A prebuilt process can include any number/combination of the following components:


All connectors used in process flows are installed, without instances. If the process flow which includes a connector that you have already installed from the connector marketplace, a fresh copy of that connector is added alongside the existing one. You can then decide which one to use.

Custom scripts

All scripts defined in process flow script shapes are installed and deployed, ready for use.

All cross-reference lookups defined as process flow map shape field transformations are installed and ready for use.

Any data pools defined in process flow de-dupe shapes are added. These are 'clean' data pools (i.e. with no associated data), ready for use.

Any caches and cache keys defined in process flow add to cache shapes are added. These are 'clean' caches (i.e. with no associated data), ready for use.

Viewing the contents of a prebuilt process flow

As you browse the process flows marketplace, you'll see that each process flow is displayed with a visual summary of what's included - for example:

For more information about this summary please see The Patchworks marketplace.

To see a read-only view of a process flow before it's installed, find the required process flow in the marketplace and click the associated view button:

The process flow is displayed in read-only mode, with a breakdown of its components:

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