Assigning roles for an existing 'native' linked company user


If you are a multi-company profile user with permission to manage another linked company, you can assign different user roles for existing 'native' user accounts associated with that company.

When you add a new company user account, assigning the required roles is part of the initial account creation process. Steps detailed on this page can be followed if you need to assign different roles for an existing team member.

If you are a multi-company profile user with an administrator or manager role, you can change the role associated with other lesser-role company users. The following rules apply:

For more information please see our Roles & permissions summary page.

The steps

Step 1 Access company users for the required linked company.

Step 2 Move down to the extra section and select the [company] users tab - here you will find all 'native' user accounts associated with this company - i.e. users who are directly associated with this company profile and can log into the Patchworks dashboard with their own credentials:

Step 3 Click the name of the user account that you want to update:

Step 4 The user roles tab is displayed and you'll see which roles are currently assigned for this account:

Step 5 Assign (and/or remove) roles as needed by clicking the appropriate assign role / remove role button.

If you attempt to assign a role that is outside of your own permissions, a failure message is displayed and the change will not be made.

Step 6 Save changes.

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