Downloading a linked companies summary


You can download summary details for all of your linked companies via the managed companies page - for example:

id,name,plans,tiers,parent,"created at","last login",score,"last flow run"
450,"Demo Company 1","None, Trial",Standard,"Docs Demo AGENCY","2024-06-28 13:39:35",,999,"2024-06-28 14:26:19"
451,"Demo Company 2","None, Trial",Standard,"Docs Demo AGENCY","2024-06-28 13:40:20",,,
452,"Demo Company 3","None, Trial",Standard,"Docs Demo AGENCY","2024-06-28 13:40:53",,,
448,"Docs Demo AGENCY","None, Trial",Professional,,"2024-06-28 13:20:13","2024-07-01 09:32:33",,

Details for your own (managing) profile are also included.

The following details are provided for each of your linked companies:



The internal Patchworks id for the company.


The company profile name.


This is typically only relevant for Patchworks admins for non-core systems.


Current core subscription tier.


The name of the managing company (i.e. your own company profile)

Created at

The date & time the company profile was created.

Last login

The most recent date/time that someone logged into this company profile.


The current company insights score.

Last flow run

The date & time of the last process flow run.

Need to know

The steps

Step 1 Log into the Patchworks dashboard using your own Patchworks credentials and ensure that you are switched into your own company profile.

Step 2 Choose to view your linked companies for a list of all companies that you have permission to manage:

Step 3 Click the download button:

If you don't see this option it means that your user account does not have the required manager role. In this case, someone in your organisation with an administrator role can assign it to you.

Step 4 The CSV file is generated and saved to the default downloads folder for your browser.

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