The Stockr summary


The Stockr summary is available for customers who use Stockr to manage stock levels across multiple Shopify stores.

Here, you can select any date range to view a summary of processed transactions and associated costs. You can also choose to download transactions in CSV format.

Accessing the Stockr summary

To access the Stockr summary, select the view account summary option from the left-hand navigation menu:

If Stockr is implemented for your system, a Stockr tab is available:

Working with the Stockr summary

All options and information for the Stockr summary are accessed via the Stockr tab:

Date selections

Select the required date range using the :

Transaction totals

Transaction are displayed for any selected date range:

Here you can see:

  • The total number of transactions (i.e. Shopify orders) processed through Stockr

  • The Stockr charge per transaction

  • The total cost for selected transactions

Chart view

The number of transactions for each store (within the given time period) is displayed :

Downloading transactions

All linked stores are listed in a , so you can choose any combination for download. Having made your required selections, click the beneath this list:

A CSV file is downloaded, containing all transactions within the given date range. The following information is included for each transaction:

  • Store URL

  • Order ID

  • Line items

  • Completed at date/time

  • Order logs (if present)

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