Script transform function


The script transform function is used to apply an existing custom script to the source value, and the updated field value is pushed to the target field.

Make sure that the required script has been created and tested before applying it as a transform function.

Need to know

Any payloads passed in and out of a script transform are verbatim - there is no JSON encoding.

Adding a script transform

Step 1 In your process flow, access settings for your map shape:

Step 2 Select the add transform button for the required mapping rule - for example:

Step 3 Click the add transform button:

Step 4 Click in the name field to access a list of all available transform functions, then select script:

Step 5 Click in the script version field and select the script/version that you want to apply for this field transformation - for example:

All scripts and versions are available for selection. If you choose a script/version that is not currently deployed, it will be deployed automatically.

Step 6 Accept your changes:

...then save the transformation:

Step 7 Now you can select/update the target field and then the mapping in the usual way.

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