Track data shape


The track data shape can be used to track processed data, based on field paths that you define. When data passes through a track data shape, values associated with your defined field paths are tracked, which means they are added to the tracked data panel on the Process Flow Home page.

For example, you might choose to track all customer_id values that pass through the shape, so at any time you can quickly check if a given customer record has been processed:

Need to know

Adding & configuring a track data shape

To add and configure a new track shape, follow the steps below.

Step 1 In your process flow, add the track data shape in the usual way:

Step 2 You can now configure the track data shape. How you do this depends on whether the data to be tracked is being added to the process flow via a connector shape, or from a non-connector source (such as a manual payload, inbound API request, or webhook):

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