Installed process flows not working as expected


You've installed a process flow from the Patchworks marketplace via an app or the process flows section. When you run the process flow it either fails or does not work as expected.


When an app or a process flow is installed, it usually includes dependencies such as connectors, scripts, caches, etc. If a dependency fails to install or has not been deployed correctly, this can cause associated process flows to fail or give unexpected results.


Check the following:

Did the app/process flow installation complete without any failures?

Once an app or process flow has been installed from the marketplace, a series of confirmation messages is displayed - one message for each component - for example:

Typically these are 'success' messages, but occasionally you may see a failure for one or more components. These messages are displayed briefly and then cleared however, you can review them later from your notifications centre - click the notifications icon in the top information bar:

Notifications remain in your notifications centre until you choose to mark them as read:

If any part of the installation is shown to have failed, you can install the app or process flow again.

When installing an app you have the option to exclude given process flows. If you've already been working on process flows that you installed originally and don't want to lose these changes, you should exclude them before running the install again.

Have you completed all post-installation steps for the app or process flow?

Installation instructions for Patchworks apps and process flows include some post-install setup steps - these must be completed before any associated process flows will run correctly. Double-check these steps to ensure that all required setup has been completed:

Are all associated scripts deployed?

Any custom scripts associated with a Patchworks app or process flow are installed and deployed as part of the installation process. However, if an installed process flow is not working as expected, it's a good idea to check that all required scripts are deployed. To do this, follow the steps below.

Step 1 Select scripts from the left-hand navigation menu:

Step 2 Check the deployment status column for listed scripts - you're looking for any that show as un-deployed:

Step 3 Click the name of the first un-deployed script:

Step 4 Scroll down and click the save and deploy button:

Step 5 Repeat these steps for any other scripts that need to be deployed.

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