About the inbound API connector


The Patchworks platform includes ‘out of the box’ integrations with the best eCommerce, ERP, warehouse management, 3PL, POS, and email marketing systems.
But there’s more...
Our API empowers real-time connectivity, ensuring absolute control and access to any system or data source - you can build against an iPaaS and connect to any system of choice securely.
Perhaps your business doesn't have a well-defined API for one of its systems, but you need the ability to control trigger points in real-time. Or maybe you simply want to create a managed set of API endpoints for your services, without reinventing the wheel.
Using the Patchworks platform, you can create and publish secure API endpoints (completely code-free!) with error handling, and guaranteed delivery.
All of this is achieved using an intuitive Inbound API Connector.
The Inbound API connector is available for clients on Professional or Enterprise plans.

How it works

With Patchworks standard integrations, you define a service with one system (a connector) configured as the source and another as the destination. Patchworks suggests field mappings between the two, but these can be tweaked as required.
Using an Inbound API Connector, you can configure a custom entity to define what information Patchworks should expect to receive in a payload from your bespoke system.
Once configured, you specify this connector as the source in a Patchworks service, with another standard connector defined as the destination - as part of this, you define your preferred URL for API access. The steps are: