Registering for a Patchworks account

How to create a Patchworks account


Two registration paths are available for Patchworks:
Registration path
mechanism
process
Username and password
User accesses the Sign in to Patchworks page. Here, they enter the email address associated with their account, and a password.
Google sign-in
User accesses the Sign in to Patchworks page. Here they select the Sign in with Google option for redirection to the Google sign-in page.
This section includes information to help with whichever registration path you choose.

Patchworks partners

If you are a Patchworks partner, you should register for each of your managed companies.
If you don't have a dedicated email address for each of your customers, a good approach is to use your standard email address with a suffix for each managed customer. For example, if your standard email address is [email protected], you might define addresses as:
When a '+' suffix is used in this way, all emails are sent to your standard mailbox. You can then define rules to manage how these are organised in your mailbox.
This technique does not work for all email providers. If yours is not supported and you do not wish to use dedicated email addresses for each customer, you could create a 'master' Gmail account and apply the '+' suffix technique there.