A Patchworks app contains everything you need to perform a specific task - for example, to sync orders from TikTok Shop to Shopify; to sync customers from Shopify to HubSpot, etc.

When you install an app from the Patchworks marketplace, all of its components (connectors, process flows, scripts, etc.) are installed and added to the relevant area of your Patchworks dashboard - connectors are added to your connectors page, process flows are added to your process flows list, custom scripts are added to your scripts list, etc.

For more information please see The anatomy of an app.

Browsing apps

Having selected the apps option from the marketplace, you can browse and install apps:

Apps are displayed as tiles over a series of pages, which you can step through using page numbers at the bottom of the marketplace. Each app includes a visual summary of its component parts:

Here you can see which connectors are included in the app, the app title and creator, and a summary of contents. Summary icons are:


The number of connectors included in this app.

The number of process flows included in this app.

The number of cross-reference lookup tables included in this app.

The number of custom scripts included in this app.

App contents

For a detailed view of what's included in an app, click anywhere on the tile:

This displays full details for the app so you can see what's included. From here, you can view all of the app's components and - if required - choose to install the app.

For more information, please see The anatomy of an app.

For all information about working with apps, please see our Apps section.

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