Submitting an app to the public marketplace

If you would like to create an app and submit it for review to be added to the public app marketplace, we have outlined the following submission guide to ensure a high standard.


This document outlines the approval process for developers submitting public apps for inclusion in the [Public Marketplace]. The [Public Marketplace] is a platform where users can discover, install, and use various pre-built apps to accelerate the onboarding process.

Submission Requirements

If you are a developer seeking to submit a public app for inclusion in the [Public Marketplace], you must ensure that their app meets the following requirements.



The app must comply with all relevant laws, regulations, and policies, including those related to data privacy, security, and intellectual property rights.


The app must provide clear and useful functionality that adds value for users. It should be well-designed, intuitive to use, and free from significant bugs or issues.


The app must meet quality standards for performance, reliability, and user experience. It should not degrade the performance or stability of the [Public Marketplace] platform.


The app must implement appropriate security measures to protect user data and prevent unauthorised access or misuse. It should follow best practices for secure coding and data handling.

Marketplace compatibility

The app should be compatible with the [Public Marketplace] platform and any relevant operating systems or devices. It should not rely on unsupported features or dependencies.

Connector compatibility

The app should use existing connectors found on the [Connector Marketplace]. Any modifications to existing connectors in order to support the app must be submitted separately prior to the app review process.


Developers should provide clear and comprehensive documentation for their app, including installation instructions, usage guidelines, and troubleshooting tips if any are required. Documentation can be provided as http links in multiple sections of the connector builder. Alternatively documentation can be submitted along with your app. We will host this documentation on our public documentation platform.

Submission Process

The submission process for public apps consists of the following steps:

Step 1: Declaration of intent

Before the development of the app commences, you are encouraged to submit in writing (to your partner manager) the following details on any app(s) you intend to create.


Developer name

The name and email address of your company or developer.

Patchworks company profile

The Patchworks dashboard company profile name under which you will create the new app(s).

App name

The name of the app to be displayed in the [Public Marketplace].

Expected completion date

If known, provide the expected completion date for development.


Specify the name of any connectors to be included in the new app(s). If these connectors do not exist or require modifications, you must provide details about the required modifications.

Process flows

Provide information about any process flows that you intend to build utilising the specified connectors. This information should include the purpose of the process flow and any custom scripts that will be built.

Step 2: Pre-submission review

Before submitting an app for approval, you are encouraged to conduct a thorough review of your app to ensure it meets all requirements outlined above.

This includes testing the app for functionality, performance, and security.

Step 3: App submission

Once the app is ready, you can submit it via your account manager. The submission should include the following:

  • Documentation and user guides (if required)

  • Screenshots or demo videos (if applicable)

  • Contact information for the developer or support team

Step 4: Review meeting

Once the app and associated information are submitted, the [Public Marketplace] team will schedule a review meeting with the developers. During this meeting, you should be prepared to:

  • Go over the changes required for connectors, if any.

  • Review the proposed process flows and confirm their functionality.

  • Demonstrate working flows by showing data transmission between source and destination systems.

  • Review any scripts or custom components used in the app.

Post-approval responsibilities

After an app is approved and listed in the [Public Marketplace], you have certain responsibilities to maintain the app's quality and compliance.


Updates & maintenance

You should regularly update and maintain you app(s) to ensure it remains compatible with the [Public Marketplace] platform and any relevant changes or updates.


You must provide adequate support to users, including addressing enquiries, issues, and bug reports in a timely manner.


You should continue to comply with all relevant laws, regulations, and policies, and promptly address any compliance issues that arise.


The approval process outlined above is designed to ensure that public apps included in the [Public Marketplace] meet our high standards for quality, functionality, and security. By following this process and meeting our submission requirements, you can contribute to a vibrant ecosystem of third-party apps that enhance the user experience on the Patchworks platform.

For further information or assistance with the app submission process, please refer to the [Public Marketplace] developer documentation or contact the [Public Marketplace] support team.

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