Configuring FTP connections


The Patchworks FTP connector is used to work with data via files on FTP servers in process flows. You might work purely in the FTP environment (for example, copying/moving files between locations), or you might sync data from FTP files into other connectors, or you might use a combination of both! For example, a process flow might be designed to:

  1. Pull files from an FTP server

  2. Use the data in those files as the payload for subsequent processing (e.g. sync to Shopify)

  3. Move files to a different FTP server location

This guide explains the basics of configuring a connection shape with an FTP connector.

About the Patchworks FTP connector

When you add a connection shape and select an FTP connector, you will see that two endpoints are available:


  • FTP GET is used to retrieve files from the given server (i.e. to receive data)

  • FTP PUT is used to add/update files on the given server (i.e. to send data)

Configuring FTP endpoints

Having selected either of the two FTP endpoints, configuration options are displayed. The same options are used for both endpoints but in a different sequence, reflecting usage:

For information about these fields please see our Configuring SFTP connections page - details are the same.

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