Who are Patchworks?

In today's market, businesses can select best of breed apps to tackle their goals. The challenge comes when integrating these disparate applications; only then can there be a fluid exchange between these apps, resulting in the true strategic benefit.
Maintaining direct APIs built in-house can be a costly exercise, creating an administrative burden. This can prevent companies from building integrations in a scalable and robust manner. Furthermore, maintaining such connections is a constant stretch on resources.
Utilising Patchworks' Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) as the core hub of all connectors, releases businesses from these concerns, along with gaining a centralised means to manage and orchestrate all integrations in a secure manner. We handle all use cases in a simple setup, simple to use platform. We Guarantee Delivery, we provide Error Handling in a Self-Serve Dashboard containing a Library of Connectors along with an API Developer Tool Kit for build-your-own models in a Low-Code Platform.
Self-Serve & Automation
Using our automation & self-serve platform, quickly set up powerful integrations from a library of connectors; that frees up operations to devote time to other key business functions.
Benefit from our no-code/low-code platform, which allows non-technical teams to create and maintain integrations by performing field mapping and transformations within the dashboard.
Through our dashboard create integrations using our intuitive UI. Saving valuable time and resources, tapping into the potential of tech stack investments through a single pipe.
Best of Breed Tech Stacks becomes Reality
Composable commerce is becoming increasingly important, allowing companies to combine and customise various best-of-breed components into a single solution tailored to their specific business needs.
In this world of high customer expectations, businesses need a way to easily connect the best apps/tools available and as quickly as possible in a plug-in-and-play environment. This is achievable through our self-serve dashboard, which contains a vast array of connectors for any new ERP, POS, WMS, 3PL, or any other relevant app on the market.
API - Developer Tool Kit
Our API empowers real-time connectivity, ensuring absolute control and access to any system or data source, allowing the ability to build against an iPaaS and connect to any system of choice securely.
Accelerate your transformation with our graphical interface to create and publish APIs - all completely code free.
Perhaps a business does not have a well-defined API for one of their systems, but requires the ability to control the trigger points in a real-time fashion - or simply want to create a managed API collection without reinventing the wheel. On top of this, when dealing with APIs it is vital to have security, error handling, and guaranteed delivery, all of which The Patchworks platform covers.