Adding a company user


If your Patchworks user account is associated with client admin privileges, you can add users to your company profile.

The steps

Follow the steps below to add a new user:
Step 1 Access your company profile page - for example:
Please see accessing your company profile if you're not sure how to do this.
Step 2 Scroll down to the extras panel, where the users tab is displayed by default and any existing users are shown. From here, click the add user button:
Step 3 From the create user page, complete general details for the user (full name and email):
The email specified here will be required to log into the Patchworks dashboard.
Step 4 In the roles panel, select a role to be associated with this user.
Roles determine the level of access that users have in the Patchworks dashboard. You can only assign roles that are associated with your own Patchworks account. For further information, please see the Users, roles & permissions page.
Step 5 Click the save button.
The new user will receive an email (at the address provided here) with a link to set their password.