The Patchworks marketplace


The Patchworks marketplace is a curated library of prebuilt eCommerce, ERP, WMS, 3PL, POS, marketplace, and CRM connectors. The marketplace is organised in two distinct sections - the top section shows all connectors that you've installed or built, and the lower section can be used to browse/install Patchworks prebuilt connectors:
From here, you can:
You must install a connector for any third-party application that you wish to integrate with Patchworks. Having installed a connector from the Patchworks marketplace, you can add instances of it for use in process flows.
For a detailed explanation of connectors and instances, please see our Connectors & instances page.
Currently, the Patchworks Marketplace includes Patchworks prebuilt connectors which can be viewed/installed by all Patchworks customers. Additionally, you'll see any connectors that you have built with the connector builder.
Right now, only users within your company will see these. In the near future, you will be able to submit any connectors that you build for verification. Verified connectors will be available in the Patchworks Marketplace, for other Patchworks customers to install.