The anatomy of an app


An app can include any number/combination of the following components:


An app will always include at least one process flow.

All connectors used in process flows are installed. Prior to installation, you can choose to add required connector instances - or you can just install the connectors and add instances later. If the app includes a connector that you have already installed from the connector marketplace, a fresh copy of that connector is added alongside the existing one. You can then decide which one to use.

Custom scripts

All scripts defined in process flow script shapes are installed and deployed, ready for use.

All cross-reference lookups defined as process flow map shape field transformations are installed and ready for use.

Any data pools defined in process flow de-dupe shapes are added. These are 'clean' data pools (i.e. with no associated data), ready for use.

Any caches and cache keys defined in process flow add to cache shapes are added. These are 'clean' caches (i.e. with no associated data), ready for use.

Viewing the contents of an app

As you browse the apps marketplace, you'll see that each app is displayed with a visual summary of what's included - for example:

For more information about this summary please see The Patchworks marketplace.

If you click on an app tile, you can see a detailed breakdown of what's included:

From here you can:

Adding connector instances prior to installation

Any connectors included with the app will be installed as part of the app install process. To use these connectors in process flows, you must add an instance of each - this is where you provide your authentication credentials for the associated third-party system.

If you have your credentials to hand, you can provide them on the view app page, prior to installation - for example:

Each connector that's included in the app is displayed with an add instance option. If you select this option, you are prompted to choose an authentication method and then enter your credentials - for example:

If you save instance details and then go on to install the app, these instances are created as part of the installation and will be available for use in process flows immediately.

It's not mandatory to add your instances as part of the app installation. If preferred, you can simply install the app and add instances afterwards via your manage connectors page.

You cannot add instances that require OAuth 2 (Client Credentials) authentication, via the app install process. If an app includes connectors that require OAuth 2 (Client Credentials) authentication then you should install the app and add instances afterwards via your manage connectors page.

Excluding process flows from an app installation

If an app which includes a process flow that you're sure you don't need, you can prevent it from being installed here - clicking the install button toggles to don't install:

Typically, process flows are key to the successful implementation of apps. We recommend installing and using the process flows that are included unless you have a specific reason not to do so.

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