Using the Peoplevox setData script in process flows


Having installed the Peoplevox connector and applied pre and post request scripts, you're ready start using the connector in process flows.

If you build a process flow with Peoplevox defined as a target connection shape, you must always include a script shape immediately before the connection shape, and associate this with the setData custom script. This script takes care of data conversions that are required before sending data into Peoplevox.

You should have already created all required custom scripts but if you haven't, please complete steps detailed on this page before proceeding.

The steps

Step 1 Build your process flow in the usual way, including a connection shape configured for Peoplevox as a target.

Step 2 Immediately before the Peoplevox connection, add a script shape - for example:

Step 3 In custom script settings, select the PVX setData script:

Step 4 Save the shape - the script is added to you flow:

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