Postman importer (Beta)


The Postman importer can be used to build a connector from a Postman collection. You can:

  • Upload a Postman collection from a file

  • Provide a URL to a Postman collection

The Patchworks Postman importer will then attempt to:

  • create the system/connector

  • create system variables

  • create authentication type (OAuth 1 & 2; Token; API key; Basic)

  • create authentication variables

  • create endpoints (including variables)

  • enable the authentication type for all endpoints

These are all the elements of a connector that you would expect to configure by using the Connector Builder to build your connector manually.

Any item that the importer cannot complete is flagged for you to add/adjust manually after the import.

This is a Beta release of the Postman importer. If you have any feedback or issues, please contact Patchworks support.

Using the Postman importer

Step 1 Locate the Postman file or collection URL that you want to use.

Step 2 Log into the Patchworks dashboard, then select connectors & instances from the left-hand navigation menu:

Step 3 Click the import Postman collection link at the top of the page:

Step 4 Choose whether to import a file, or to provide a URL:

Step 5 Select the appropriate option below for the next step:

Step 6 Click the confirm button:

If you toggle ON the update existing connector? option, the setup for an existing connector found with the same name will be overwritten. If you leave this option OFF and an existing connector with the same name is found, the import will add a new version alongside the original. If in doubt, leave this option set to OFF.

Step 7 The Postman collection is imported and a new connector is added to your list. Any setup that could not be completed is displayed - for example:

Step 8 You can now edit the connector and add any setup that the Postman importer was not able to complete:

For information on connector setup options please see Building your own connector.

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