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Adding a company user


If you are a user with a client admin role, you can add users to your company profile. The steps detailed below show how you can do this.
If you are an agency/partner with permissions to manage multiple companies, company profiles work a bit differently. Please refer to our Managed company profiles section.

The steps

Step 1 Log into the Patchworks dashboard, then select settings | my company profile to access your profile page - for example:
Please see accessing your company profile if you're not sure how to get to this point.
Step 2 Scroll down to the extra panel, where the users tab is displayed by default and any existing users are shown. From here, click the create user button:
Step 3 Enter the person's name and email address:
The email address provided here is used to log into the Patchworks dashboard.
Step 4 Click the save button. The user account is saved and an email is sent to the given address, with a link for the user to set their password.
A password must be used with the user's email address in order to log into the Patchworks dashboard.
Step 5 The user roles tab is displayed and you'll see that the new account is created - by default, new accounts are created with a client user role:
If required, you can assign an alternative role by clicking the appropriate button.
Roles determine the level of access that users have in the Patchworks dashboard. You can only assign roles that are associated with your own Patchworks account. For further information, please see the Users, roles & permissions page.
Step 6 Save changes. Once the user has set their password (via the link provided in an email triggered in step 6) they can access the Patchworks dashboard for their own company.